Apexi Power Intake

This is what comes in the kit:

The first thing I did was paint the metal parts red to match my car. I used engine paint.

I then installed the intakes.

Here is the stock intake:

The air guide has to be removed, which leaves a hole in the top of the air guide for the intercooler.

I used a piece of plastic from a CD case to glue over the hole (i used a piece of cardboard for a temp fix).

I have installed a piece of aluminum to keep the radiator fans from blowing hot air on the intakes.

I since have installed a SMIC so I had to move the intakes around so they would fit.

Now I am polishing the intake parts so they are shiny.

The pictures on the left are after sanding it down (the last step was 1500 wet sand)

the pictures on the right are after polishing and buffing with a buffing disk and compound.