Apexi Power FC

Installation took 30 minutes. I removed the kick panel, unbolted the Stock ECU from the mounting points, unscrewed the brackets from the Stock ECU, unpluged the stock ECU, cliped the wires as shown below in the pictures, Pluged in the PFC, put any grounded wires on one of the bolts for the lower bracket and bolted the lower bracket back on, set the PFC on the bracket, Turned on the car to start it getting warmed up, put the kick panel back on, bolted the scuff panel back down.

Idle was speratic until the ECU learned. Once driving, any time I let the car return to idle the rpms would cycle between 950 and 1300 for about 30 seconds and then settle at about 1200 rpm's.

I adjusted the bolt on the throttle body which adjusts idle rpms. This seemed to help, the car still oscilates on idle but not nearly as much and for a lot less of a time (maybe 1 second).